Hedquist Productions, Inc.

Here’s what I propose: when you hire us to write, tweak, cast, direct, record, edit, mix, dupe or deliver your radio campaign, we will take all of the risk. We guarantee you'll be happy with our work or you don't pay anything.
The so-called experts said, “You can’t guarantee a creative product like a radio commercial. People will take advantage of you. You’ll go broke! You’re crazy!”
But crazy like a fox.
Here’s my thinking: you may be inspired by what Hedquist Productions could do for your next project - but hiring outside services - especially for the first time - can be risky. I figure that if I take all the risk, you’re more likely to try us. If you try us, chances are you’ll become a repeat client.
My experience is that most people are honest. I’ll bet you are too. I think that if we give you our best you’ll be happy and be thrilled to pay us well for our work.